Saturday, October 23, 2010

Training: Day 3

    Today was day three for Dante and I. We worked on basic obedience again this morning. It's very important that we practice a lot, and the dogs learn that they have to listen to what we say. I think Dante is doing very well, especially considering that we got a late start. He is already starting to look to me for direction, which is really good. At one point today, Jeremy had me put Dante into a "down" just a few feet away from Christie (I hope I spelled her name right), who is the trainer who worked with Dante the most. Dante absolutely loves Christie, and  I was a bit concerned that he would get up and run to her as soon as he thought I wasn't looking. Nope, he did GREAT!
    After lunch we discussed healthcare and grooming, as well as what types of toys they are allowed to have. I was especially interested in the grooming part, as Dante's  coat is quite different from Ajax's. Dante is a fluffy little guy, and it was nice to hear that it won't take a lot of extra effort to keep his hair nice and neat, just a different type of brush :) I also learned that I'll need to blow dry his hair after bathing him. I might just have to give him a bath at the training center sometime in the next week, just to see how he's going to react to the dryer, lol.
    Once class was over, I went back to the hotel, grabbed a quick bite to eat, then Brianna and I took the kids back to the 4 Paws training facility for about an hour or so. I wanted to give Tristen and Dante a chance to play without having to worry about all the barking, lol! I had told the trainers this morning that I was worried that Dante would get us in trouble at the hotel with all his barking when he and Tristen played in the evening. I also didn't want to stop them from playing, because they are bonding so well, and that's important too. I sat in the training room and watched Tristen and Dante play fetch with Dante's toy bear,

and Brianna sat with Rebecka in the other room while she played with a little white kitty. She is calling it "her kitty" now. I know that Nathan doesn't really want another animal in the house, but Rebecka is so in love with this kitten, and I can't tell her no. It looks like I might end up being in trouble when we get home ;)

    We got back to the hotel, and Tristen and Dante were both tuckered out :) Dante did bark a couple of times wanting to play, but it was pretty easy for me to get him to settle for sitting on the couch being petted. He's definitely getting more comfortable with Tristen petting him and holding him, even though I'm still sitting beside them to make sure everything is going okay.
    Well, I'm off to bed. I have to leave early in the morning to stop by PetSmart again. Dante needs a Nylabone to chew on, before he tears his ball up, and Rebecka wanted me to buy a pink collar for "her kitty" :)

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